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And the  Customer Appreciation OUTLET is up and viewable...
The annual Customer Appreciation SALE is HERE!!  This is where horses that are still available go up for discounted prices.  These are horses that were briefly on an Outlet but were never confirmed after being put on hold, or never paid for, or perhaps one that I pulled to keep and show myself...until I remembered that I am in the business of SELLING horses, not SHOWING them!  When I bring too many to a show, I can't seem to get them to the ring...I start talking, and, well...you know.  So this is how the SALE works: Every horse is marked down $25.  If you have purchased from me before (or even tried to get a horse that was already sold) then you qualify for the additional discount, which is another $25-50 off!  Many of these horses are $75 off-you won't see these discounts again until NEXT December!  So hurry, and check the links at left for more photos and pricing details...

e-mail address: prestigefarmsale@aol.com


CM Paint Harley
CM Paint ISH
CM SM Lusitano
CM SM Paint
CM SM Pinto Arab
CM SM Paint Foal
CM SM Reiner
CM H-R Vanner
CM Chips Draft
CM SM Dressage WB
CM Chips Andy
CM SM Walera
CM H-R Pony Foal
CM H-R Shetland
CM SM Morgan
CM Chips TB
CM SM Arabian
CM Mini Resin Hazel
CM SM Haflinger.
CM SM Jump Pony
CM SM Grulla Paint
CM SM Pinto Draft
CM BOTW Haflinger
CM Chips Arabian
CM SM Pinto Sporthorse
CM SM Unicorn
CM SM Pinto Foal
CM SM Fresian